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Lent is a season that calls us

Lent is a season that calls us:

to fast from discontent and to feast on gratitude;
to fast from anger and to feast on patience;
to fast from bitterness and to feast on forgiveness;
to fast from self-concern and to feast on compassion;
to fast from discouragement and to feast on hope;
to fast from laziness and to feast on commitment;
to fast from complaining and to feast on acceptance;
to fast from lust and to feast on respect;
to fast from prejudice and to feast on understanding;
to fast from resentment and to feast on reconciliation;
to fast from lies and to feast on the truth;
to fast from wasted time and to feast on honest work;
to fast from grimness and to feast on joy;
to fast from suspicion and to feast on trust;
to fast from idle talk and to feast on prayer and silence;
to fast from guilt and to feast on the mercy of God.
– William Ward

Newburg Day – 40th Anniversary

St. Joseph's Church, Newburg, N.B.St.Joseph’s Catholic Church, Newburg New Brunswick

You are cordially invited……

Newburg Day will be held July 28th,2012
Mass 4 P.M.
Celebrant Fr. Bill Weiss
Potluck Supper to follow
Pembroke Community Hall
Dance at the Knight’s of Columbus Hall Woodstock NB
9 P.M. until 1 P.M.
Everyone Welcome!

Christmas and New Year Schedule

St Gertrude's Church at NightChristmas/New Year’s Masses:

Saturday Dec. 24 4 PM & 6 PM – St. Gertrude’s
Saturday Dec. 24 8 PM – St. Bonaventure’s, Lakeville
Saturday Dec. 24 Midnight – St. Gertrude’s
Sunday Dec. 25 11 AM – St. Gertrude’s
Saturday Dec. 31 4 PM – St. Gertrude’s
Saturday Dec. 31 6 PM – St. Joseph’s, Newburg
Sunday Jan. 1 9 AM & 11 AM – St. Gertrude’s